Hi, I'mOriol Valldeperasa Visual Designer from Barcelona

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I have anEye for detail

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Love to work inUser Centered Teams

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Worked withScrum & Lean


Modular simple design

I was asked to work on a clean and modular visual design for an emerging site in the music sector. The site aim was to bring user, bands and venues all together. The second iteration, shown here, is still in development and will be growing in future revisions of the product before it gets its official release.

A good exercise here was to build the site framework as modular as possible so the product could grow easily and consistently in code and structure.

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Developing products in a lean way

After some time in a consultancy environment I joined this leading company in Spain where I’ve been working for more than 3 years now. There I work with scrum and lean in some development teams which are responsible for different company products and functionalities.

At the same time, in the design team (UX, Visuals), we created new more modern and fresh-looking product prototypes in order to be replacing the current one in a close future.

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Personal. Cleaning interfaces.

We usually start a project with its core-business so it’s easy to put this few needed things on a screen and achieve a working, quite clean hierarchy. But when the product starts growing we end up having too much things in our interfaces fighting to be more important than the others, which may work, but we lose the focus on what is the core of every page/flow and it all becomes visually more complex.

As something personal, I worked in trying to lean the Booking.com interfaces without loosing too much information.

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Bringing visual design to startups

Lately I had the opportunity to work with a very small startup as visual designer (as well as interaction designer) so they can have a product design which can offer more value to their future users and persuade them to use the product.

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Personal redesign

Working full-time in a company makes you really care about your product, but it’s always worth trying to deal with new design problems so you can offer better solutions in the future. When I have the chance I spend some time trying to acquire experience by designing other products (new or existing). Here’s a project I’m working on which is about giving Tripadvisor a cleaner look.

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